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Kasia is a qualified Personal Trainer since 2007. From an early age she has been passionate about sport and fitness. For her, it isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. She started running at age of 6 and became a cross country runner at the national level during primary school. In high school she became passionate about Martial Arts and studied Karate Shotokan, Taekwondo and Aikido. She went to practice to Korea to be taught by the best Korean Tigers and won many competitions. She chooses to help people and she believes she makes an impact on many lives! She owned her own gym and currently owns the studio where she teaches many different classes from Fitness Yoga, Jumping Fitness, BAX, Pilates, Pound, Strong By Zumba etc. to Functional Kettlebell! A few times a year she attends fitness conventions in Italy to pick up new courses and trends in Fitness. Kasia loves Fitness and heavy weights lifting. Her enthusiasm and energy for fitness fueled her to never stop, to keep educating herself to become a confident Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Fitness Tutor and Business Owner. Kasia is the founder of her very own studio, Embody Fitness Studio in Limerick. 


Dream Body Transformation
6 Week Summer Special
2nd July 2019

Price: €130
(6 week transformation)

(not part of monthly membership must be pd in full after booking to avail the discount price)

Measurements, fat index and weight check at the beginning and after 6 weeks!

New Summer Schedule

One hour consultation including nutrition and supplementation advise

Natural fat burning diet

Closed what's app support group

By taking this first step, you are moving closer to being fitter and having a healthier lifestyle.

More energy, firmer body, toned abs and weight loss are some of the benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating habits.

During this 6 weeks with us, we will show you how to achieve your personal goals..

Personal Training

After a massively successful Dream Body Transformation in September, I have decided to begin another six week transformation class, comprising of 3 classes per week

Other classes include


My team and I will train you in short, fun training sessions, increasing in intensity each week as you get fitter and stronger. You’ll also be measured, seeing your fitness, strength, toning, confidence, energy and fat levels improving. There’s also online talks on mindfulness and dealing with stress and several mindfulness aspects to help keep you in the right zone to get in shape. We’ve helped many people get in shape since I started the course in 2018.

How it works

We’ll have three 60 minute training sessions per week where we will check your weight and go through food diaries.  BODY REVOLUTION gives you access to different classes over the 6 weeks, including: Pilates, spin, weight training, kettlebells, bums & tums and fab abs

Other classes include

Body Revolution
11th June 2019

Price: €160
(6 week transformation)

(not part of monthly membership must be pd in full after booking to avail the discount price)


06:05 – 07:05

19:00 – 20:00


06:05 – 07:05 

19:00 – 20:00


Any Class from 

Any timetabel

This is amazing program for those who look to tighten up trouble areas

Yes you will need to change the diet but it will be worth it 🙂


* 3 weekly workouts

* Start and end measurements

* Weekly weight checks

* Support Snapchat group

* Nutrition Plan

* Mindfulness support

This 6 week course is focused on helping you lose weight, get fit & tone up. The group meets 3 times  per week. We will not only train together, but I will show you how to follow a realistic healthy eating plan.

See outstanding results. Please note, all courses will be full so don’t delay in booking


Personal training




10 PT Sessions


individual sessions


All above plans include personal councelling with me as well as my team.

What People Say About Me

I would highly recommend Kasia if you are looking to reach a fitness goal. Kasia will provide you with all the necessary advise on your training needs, nutritional requirements and lots of motivation to reach your goal

On meeting Kaisa on the 1st of January 2019 for my initial assessment I was immediately
impressed with her knowledge,expertise and motivation. She has transformed the way I eat
train and think. I've always felt supported and pushed to do my best. From someone who
hadn't done any training in 3 years I now look forward to 6am 3 mornings a week.
I travel 20 minutes to get there and back home but Kaisa classes are worth it. Thanks Kaisa.
Ciara Mevekham
Im only getting to know kasia, but as a newbie, i like her style...
Who ever thought id be running or even running at 6am...Not me! But with Kasia's encouraging chants,
i completed a loop without stoping... if it’s support & a push to get you going, go to Kasia...
Roisin Sherwin
I am on my second round of total body transformation after doing two rounds of Dream Body already.
I never liked exercising but I love it now. All thanks to Kasia who is a fantastic trainer and gives me
the motivation I need.Love the morning classes so much.
Maria Martin
On my third dream body and signed up to my fourth! I have done classes with Kasia over two years! I find her an amazing motivator and great for honest advice!
Love the morning classes your up and it’s done and you feel great for the day!
Couldn’t recommend Kasia enough! X
Clodah Barry
I’ve known kasia about 12 yrs since back in JJB. She was amazing back then and is still amazing to this day,
her passion and motivation towards her training is unbelievable. She has helped me train and in other ways so this I thank you for kasia.
I just need more of your attitude and I’ll be flying it ❤
Noelle Collopy
Kasia is so motivating and wants you to achieve results so gives everyone one on one time.
Individual plans so you are only competing with yourself. Positive, encouraging environment,
even though it's 6am!! Highly recommend.
Karen Hickey
I never thought I'd ever see myself do more than 1 pull up or lift 25kg over my head but with Kasia's training program,
motivation and encouragment I have achieved this and lots more! Highly recommend the
Dream Body Transformation program 10/10!
Natasha Kennedy

Health Quote

“If you still look cute at the end of your workout, you didnt train hard enough.”

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+353 86 862 0069

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